Macarena Constanza González Abarzúa

Macarena Constanza González Abarzúa
Wildlife Veterinarian

Macarena is a Chilean wildlife veterinarian. She obtained her bachelor degree in Veterinary Medicine in Chile and a year later she went to Costa Rica to get her master degree in Conservation Medicine. She worked in small animal and wildlife medicine in Chile and collaborated in wildlife projects in Mexico and Costa Rica. As DGFC’s wildlife vet she is responsible for the immobilization, sampling, handling and welfare of the animals that are being studied. She’s currently coordinates our predator-prey relationships project.

She always wanted to become a veterinarian and grew up loving dogs, cats and horses. Animal Planet became her favourite TV channel and her love for the outdoors and all the nature programmes made her decide that she would prefer to work with wildlife. During the last years of her bachelor degree, she learned the problematic that wildlife is facing with the continuous destruction of their habitat and reaffirmed her decision. At first she was oriented to work in rehabilitation centres, but while doing her master, she discovered the advantages of working with free ranging wildlife and doing research.

She believes that working with free ranging wildlife allows to create an impact in the population rather than an individual. Treating a sick or injured animal is always rewarding but in the long term, it is more beneficial for the species and the environment when a population is healthy. She is committed to provide an ethical care to the animals that are being studied, not only by preventing any harm to them but also ensuring that they are treated with respect.


Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica. 2015. Master in Conservation Medicine, with emphasis in wildlife internal medicine.