Lucy Peter

Lucy Peter
Conservation Planning Officer

Lucy Peters is the conservation planning officer of DGFC. She joined DGFC in 2011, bringing 5 years of geographical information technology expertise and environmental management experiences to her role with DGFC. Prior to joining DGFC, she served as an environmental executive in an environmental consultant firm. She focuses on writing environmental impact assessment (EIA) reports in which she used her expertise in GIS to assess the impact of a proposed project. Her job also involved her in coordinating field works for spatial data collection which will be used to analyse developments in their spatial context during the initial stages of the EIA process to expedite the identification of potential aspects and impacts that may have to be assessed while the process goes on. Throughout her position as an environmental executive, she has involved in a multiple EIA projects around Sabah of different types such as the development of water treatment plant, sewerage treatment plant, oil palm plantations, river sand mining, mixed agriculture development, quarry, etc. With her current position in DGFC, she assists in the conservation of wildlife and their habitat where she manages and analyses spatial data (GIS).

Lucy finds inspiration to dedicate herself from the scientists and researchers working closely with National Geographic. She believes geographical information systems today also plays a very important role in the conservation of biodiversity/wildlife.

With her expertise and skill in this technology, she believes she could aid in making a better understanding of geography, wildlife and human relationship to sites and assist in making a well informed decision particularly for the conservation of biodiversity and wildlife in Sabah.

Lucy holds a bachelors degree in Environmental Engineering from University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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