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Camera Trapping Video Release

Video kami tentang PERANGKAP KAMERA sudah diterbitkan di Youtube. Klik untuk menonton. Kami yakin anda pasti dapat belajar bagaimana saintis menggunakan perangkap kamera untuk mempelajari hidupan liar. Jangan lupa tonton, langgan dan kongsikan video ini dengan keluarga dan rakan-rakan anda! Our video on CAMERA TRAPPING is NOW OUT on YouTube! Click on the video to watch it! We are certain that you will learn how scientists use camera traps to study wildlife. Don't forget to watch, subscribe as well as share it amongst your family and friends!

Camara Trapping Video Teaser

Pernahkah anda terfikir bagaimana saintis mengambil gambar hidupan liar, terutama hidupan liar yang sukar dilihat di dalam hutan? Jangan lupa saksikan video pendidikan kami pada bulan ini yang akan diterbitkan esok untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang PERANGKAP KAMERA! Have you ever wondered how scientists take pictures of wild animals, especially wildlife that are difficult to spot in the forest? Don't forget to watch this month's educational video on CAMERA TRAPPING which will be RELEASED TOMORROW!


We are pleased to announce our third Online Art Contest for the month of August. The theme for this month’s art contest is URBAN WILDLIFE OF MALAYSIA! The theme was chosen to encourage families and kids living in urban areas to explore their natural surroundings and be inspired by the wildlife that resides in it. So, we encourage you to visit a local nature park or have a walk around your neighborhood to spot any wildlife for your art ideas. Additionally, you could check out our YouTube video on Urban Wildlife for further inspiration, at! For this contest, Malaysian kids aging 9 to 12 years old are eligible to join. So, please read the important information stated as follows carefully:   GENERAL CONDITIONS: • Contestant’s artwork must be original and not overly derivative of images found in the internet, print media, or elsewhere. To avoid copyright infringement, works considered to be copies will be disqualified. • Only Malaysia’s wildlife species that can be found thriving in an urban area will be considered. • Malaysians aging from 9 to 12 years old are allowed to create the artwork submitted and participate in this contest. • Each contestant can send a maximum of three artwork entries but only the best one will be chosen. • Art type: Pencil drawing in colour or black and white. • Contestants will retain copyright of their submitted entries. However, by entering, all contestants grant DGFC a royalty-free perpetual license to edit, publish and use each entry in any and all media (including print and online) for education, publicity and news purposes.   IMPORTANT DATES: 3 rd August 2020 - Contest is open. 23 rd August 2020 - Closing date. Latest by 5:00pm. 28 th August 2020 - Announcement of the winner.   JUDGING CRITERIA: Concept (25%) - How well does the work relate to the topic/theme? Creativity & originality (25%) - How original and creative is the quality of the artwork? Colour (25%) - How does the colour or shading enhance the artwork? Expressions (25%) - How imaginatively does the work convey an idea?   HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR ARTWORK: • Create a high resolution digital image either by scanning or photography, and submit the softcopy image either in JPEG or PDF format. • Provide a SHORT CAPTION (no more than 200 words) to explain any design ideas and concepts. • Due to the contestants being less than 18 years old, all artwork submitted for this contest must have the approval of a parent or guardian. The parent/guardian must submit their full name together with the contestant’s information as proof of approval. • Provide the following information of the contestant: 1. Full name 2. IC/passport number 3. Contact number 4. Address 5. Artwork short caption 6. Full name of parent/guardian • Artwork must be submitted to   PRIZES: • Only ONE winner per contest. • Winner will receive a combo of DGFC’s t-shirt, books, and merchandise.   ENQUIRY: For more information, email us at or WhatsApp 016-8728345 (Tim)