Monthly Archives - September 2018

We’re TEN years old!

DGFC is celebrating its tenth anniversary. The centre opened its doors in July 2008 and we’re marking the occasion with a scientific seminar focusing on the themes: “Landscape Ecology”, “Genetics, disease, ecotoxicology and trade”, and “Partners from research and community”. Presentations will be on the results of scientific projects that have been led by or in collaboration with DGFC, as well as on conservation activities carried out with a few of our partners. The DGFC’s Tenth Anniversary report can be consulted here.

Conservation in Action

State action plans for three species (proboscis monkey, banteng and clouded leopard) will be launched within DGFC’s tenth anniversary celebrations. In 2017 DGFC organised three international workshops focusing on each of those species with the aim of gathering all possible knowledge on them and promoting discussions among relevant stakeholders. The discussion from those workshops translated into 10-year management plans that have been supported by the Sabah Wildlife Department. It is expected they will be adopted by the State Cabinet next year.