Valentine Thiry

Valentine Thiry graduated in Biology of Organisms and Ecology (2012) and in Environmental Management (2014) from Brussels University. In 2011, she arrived for the first time in DGFC to complete her Master thesis and studied the selection of sleeping sites by proboscis monkeys. She has always been interested in conservation biology and found in DGFC an ideal place to study and conduct field research on threatened species. Since 2014, she decided to come back and started a PhD research project on proboscis monkeys. Supervised in DGFC by the PhD student Danica Stark and Dr. Benoît Goossens, she is also affiliated to Brussels University and the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. Her research aims to improve the actual knowledge on proboscis monkeys and to contribute to a better understanding and conservation of this endangered primate species in Sabah.


Thiry, V., Stark, D.J., Goossens, B., Slachmuylder, J-L., Drubbel, R.V., Vercauteren, M., 2016. Use and selection of sleeping sites by proboscis monkeys, Nasalis larvatus, along the Kinabatangan River, Sabah, Malaysia. Folia Primatol, 87: 180-196.